Find the lessons you need, track your progress and take it with you

Whether looking for extra help or wanting to try something new, LevelUp Anytime allows learners to find what they need to learn in formats or styles that make sense to them. Would you rather learn perimeter and area in a web game or an instructional video? Would your students benefit from a DNA creative project or an online simulator?

Learners can also track their educational progress, whether checking their collection of Badges or their proficiency in specific Learning Competencies. And the best part is: you get to keep this record of your learning for as long as you want and share it with whoever you want.


Provide educational content and experiences to those who are looking for it.

Have you made a game that teaches multiplication? Do you host field trips that focus on biology? Is there a group project that's worth sharing?

LevelUp Anytime is the market-place where you can get your educational activities or experiences in front of those who want them.


Integrate with educational experiences

The best part of LevelUp Anytime is that it can integrate that wide world of great educational content directly into your learning management system. Once your students are set up in LevelUp Anytime, they can access any participating educational content with the same login, and their progress can be pushed to your digital grade book. No more copying and pasting scores or signing up an entire class for an account somewhere.


Lessons for a modern era

Learning can happen anywhere and anytime, from a family trip to the Smithsonian to an online game to participating in clubs like Girls Scouts. These activities and experiences can now be found in one single place, categorized and tagged for education, making it easier for those who want to learn to connect up with learning styles and content they need most.

As learners use LevelUp Anytime, they will also receive suggested activities right in their opening page. These suggestions are based on a learner's current progress, learning styles and influences from his or her participating school.


The fun way to learn

One of the more exciting aspects of LevelUp Anytime is tracking learning via Badges. Providers can create unique badges, tie them to competencies and scores, and then award them (either manually or automatically via our easy-to-use APIs).

We also integrate with the Mozilla Open Badges project.


Tagging content and tracking progress by learning standards

Educational content is all well and good, but how do you track what a student learns while working on it or experiencing it?

LevelUp Anytime is proud to be a part of the Competency Mapping Initiative, a crowd-sourced program to map different sets of competencies to each other in digital formats. This allows providers to tag their content appropriately, learners to find content based on competencies they recognize, and schools to import content data and scores using the same competencies they adhere to.


Our Beta is coming soon!

We are getting close to our Beta release and are looking for learners and providers who'd be interested in being a part of our Beta program. For more information, just fill out the form below.